Sea to shining sea and other groovy stuff

Giles Short tells Maisy Peach she ought to be coloring a picture of a boat.  No, they weren't having Bloody Marys for breakfast. BY DENNIS FORNEY
December 6, 2012

It's been a while since I posted so I've accumulated a few more photos to share.  Some are from a recent Thanksgiving trip to Seattle when Becky and I visited Maisy Peach, Megan and Ross.  Maisy turned three on Dec. 4 and it's amazing how much they change and so quickly.  Even so, it feels like I'm getting older faster than she is and that makes me pause and reflect from time to time

We're still planning a coast-to-coast bicycle trip next summer - Astoria, Oregon to Lewes, Delaware.  My nose grew numb as it pressed against the window of the United airliner flying at 35,000 feet from east to west.  Sobering imagining all that ground to cover.  In the air it takes about six hours. On the ground, on a bicycle, we're figuring three and a half months.  Lots of training between now and then so we can hit the ground pedaling.  Two words will inform our trip: Keep Pedaling.

In Seattle, we pulled off a minor Sussex-in-Seattle reunion one Sunday morning at the Cyclops Restaurant - a hipster bar with good food just a few blocks from Puget Sound.  Joining us were Megan and Ross and Maisy along with Alison and Mike Short and their little boy Giles.  We had fun talking about Sussex County from 3,500 miles away. Boating, fishing, children and grandchildren.  Like many people who know where Sussex County is, those two natives - Alison and Mike - were very interested to know how the county made out with Superstorm Sandy.  We were happy to report how lucky we were. Cara Fisher of Milford was also going to get up with us but she came down with the same bad cold plaguing half the US.

Seattle has a ton of public art so I'm sharing some of that here.

A couple of photographs of Maisy at the Pacific Science Museum, one of Dennis in Wonderland and I close out with a couple of photographs of Sussex County's King of Fun - Lewes Blacksmith John Ellsworth.

Get outside and get active! If I don't get back here before the holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.  Jesus was - and is - all about love and that works for me!