Get your motor running for the holidays

December 14, 2012

Money is only good if it's in motion. And if there were ever a time of year to get it in motion, it's now. Head out and buy a red and green poinsettia. Give it to yourself to lift your holiday spirits or give it to a friend or a neighbor. Buy some new underwear and socks. You know those old ones are wearing out. While you're out there – downtown, on the highway, wherever – you'll run into friends you know and haven't seen for a while. Stop for a drink or a bite to eat. There are so many good places.

But most of all, get outside and moving and wish other people Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year or whatever optimistic spirit moves you here in the final shortening days of the year.

While we're at it, let's take time to count our blessings. A great part of the world for living. Roofs over our heads, food on our plates, warmth against the cold and the generous American spirit that takes so much delight in helping others.

Finally, let's pray hard for our nation's leaders, from the president right on through. And when we're done praying, let's write some kick-butt letters and make angry phone calls to our Congressman John Carney and our senators Tom Carper and Chris Coons telling them we don't want them to come home or sleep until they've pushed hard enough to get this nation's borrowing spree under control.

We all know it's going to take tax hikes and spending cuts to get the job done, and those spending cuts – to be meaningful – have to include provisions that include Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and defense.

Let's face it, this nation's obesity problem has just as much to do with the lack of discipline we're showing in our borrowing as it does with our eating and inactivity.

While we're out there trying to spread our money around most effectively, the greatest gift we can ask of our elected officials – for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren – is to reach a compromise and end the debate on debt so we can refocus on jobs.

We're tired of stopgap measures that get nothing done. If they don't make this happen, they should all resign and let others give it a shot. Let's see some statesmanship to help lift this nation's spirits for the holidays.



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