A World Ripped Asunder....

- Private group -
December 18, 2012


I really didn't want to write about the nightmare that unfolded in a small classroom of innocent 6 & 7 year old children. Quite frankly I didn’t want to think for one split second about the terror felt by the children, it is too close to home for me, it's too close to home for all of us... Their lives were destroyed by a maniac who was really no more than a child himself. It's impossible for me to speculate or theorize the motives of a monster that strikes terror in my soul. My grandson, Jaeden, almost caught me crying, as I quickly wiped a tear from my eye while watching him eat his oatmeal. He still asked me what I was thinking about. I suppose I was unusually quiet, and the little guy is so perceptive. I didn't know what to say. Instead I lied to him saying something silly, pushing the thought away of how I would feel if I ever lost him.


How do we cope with extreme tragedy born of our worst nightmares? The inescapable urge to run away from the pain is indescribable. Like an ongoing heart attack, we suffer in agony barely able to breath. The pain of what the families are going through right now is so palpable I can barely watch the horror on the news. My emotions were ragged and it felt like daggers driven under my finger nails, as the President named every child lost in the onslaught. The nation weeps deeply with the families of Connecticut, and the fear of a world out of our control. Is the Boogie Man in every parent’s closet tonight?


What do you do when you can't breathe, and your lungs have been crushed by sorrow? Where do you go when you are lost in your own pain? While we live in a world of monsters and mayhem, we also live in world with heroes and hope. The one thing that makes this nation great is our ability to come together when a hurricane hits whether it’s natural, or man-made. The nation grieves, prays, and stands with Connecticut with heavy hearts. The loss of 26 treasures that can never be replaced, will always be remembered with the hope, love, and compassion that still burns defiantly despite the evil that seeks to smother it with cruel insanity!


When our world is torn asunder, we cry with a downpour of tears holding each other tightly through this brutal storm. And when the catastrophe passes, we rise from the ashes and build anew never forgetting those that have fallen but living in retaliation towards those that would murder us emotionally. We are not bound by fear, misery, or hatred but with the strength of our hearts that will carry on the legacy for the lost. The strength of our virtue has to be stronger than the depth of the broken's insanity. I believe with all my heart that our capacity for good will out shine and overcome the cowardly acts from the shadows. Evil's intention is to destroy our hopes and dreams by inflicting mortal wounds to our soul. But what we have is immortal , bullet proof against the millions of guns on our streets. The core of every good man and woman is love, for our family, our children, our friends, our neighbors and even the stranger needing a little food. No act of terrorism, vandalism, or psychotic event will stop our heart of hearts from beating even when our world is ripped asunder...


My thoughts, hopes, and prayers are with the survivors and families of Sandy Hook Elementary. - WiL