Lisa Harkins, RD, takes time out to talk Sports Nutrition at The Body Shop

January 3, 2013

Lisa Harkins, RD, takes time out to talk Sports Nutrition:

Sports nutrition plays a key role in promoting athletic success by helping athletes stay healthy and optimally fueling themselves so they can maximize training and conditioning. If any team in the state of Delaware knows about athletic success, it’s your local Cape Henlopen girl’s lacrosse team. The Cape Henlopen girl’s lacrosse team has been training at the Body Shop Fitness Center for the past seven years. At the Body Shop, Adam David Howard B.S.CPT, owner, has been introducing the girls to many important elements of fitness. The girls have been participating in sports specific personal training, yoga, zumba, spinning, and most recently nutritional counseling. Understanding the importance of nutrition in sports, Adam contacted local registered dietician Lisa Harkins to provide the girls with correct information concerning sports nutrition. Lisa distributed hand-outs addressing sports nutrition, healthy snacks, pre/post workouts meals, and various hydration tips.

Nutrition and Fitness LLC’s Owner, Lisa Harkins, RD, LDN, has a Bachelor’s degree in Dietetics from the University of Delaware. Upon completion of her dietetic internship with the University of Delaware she was awarded the prestigious “Dietetic Intern of the Year” Award from the American Dietetic Association and the Delaware Dietetic Association.

Ideal Nutrition and Fitness LLC’s nutrition and fitness services are available to all: males, females, children, teens, adults, seniors, healthy individuals wishing to maintain their well-being, and even those with chronic health conditions – that’s where Ideal Nutrition and Fitness LLC’s client-focused, personalized nutrition plans and custom fitness programs come in.

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Lisa Harkins, RD, LDN, Owner

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