Breast Cancer Coalition awarded grant from Longwood Foundation

December 28, 2012

The Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition announced that it recently received a grant from the Longwood Foundation. The grant will be used to fund a three-year program to evaluate the organization’s current programs, assess the needs of the community and breast cancer survivors, and incorporate program evaluation into the organizational structure. The three-year evaluation process will be conducted by Barbara Goldberg & Associates LLC and the DBCC staff.

The evaluation will focus on collecting data from participants of DBCC services and community partners to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of DBCC programs and needs of the community. The goal of the evaluation is to improve the organization’s programs, identify needs in the community for new programs and allow for possible replication of components of the program in other communities.

“We have been a part of the Delaware community for over 20 years, and we know the needs are always changing,” said Vicky Cooke, executive director of DBCC. “We often hear breast cancer survivors tell us that DBCC was a huge help to them during their journey, and we want to collect and analyze data so that we can better understand what types of services and programs breast cancer survivors benefit from and how we can improve them. This evaluation process will help us to better understand the needs of the community and how we can refine our programs to fit those needs.”

The Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition is the only statewide organization in Delaware that solely focuses on breast cancer and breast health. DBCC presents community breast health education programming, an annual breast cancer conference, survivorship programs, peer mentoring and clinical trials education, and on-site mammography screening at community centers, healthcare facilities and places of employment.

The Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition is a 501c3 organization offering statewide programs and services of education, outreach, and early detection and treatment of breast cancer. Its mission is to create a community where every person diagnosed with breast cancer is a survivor, and fear and doubt are replaced with knowledge and hope.

For more information about the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition, call 866-312-DBCC (3222) or visit