Why is former Dewey commissioner on attack?

December 28, 2012

A letter appeared in the Dec. 21 issue of the Cape Gazette written by former Dewey Beach Commissioner Marty Seitz.  In this letter, he attacked the civic group Friends of Dewey for reprinting a letter that I wrote in the Cape Gazette.  He didn’t attack the Cape Gazette for printing it or me for writing it; instead, he attacked a civic group for doing exactly the same thing his own group (Citizens to Preserve Dewey) does all the time - reprinting letters and articles of “interest.”

So I have to ask Mr. Seitz what it is about FOD that he is so afraid of?  Is it because FOD has emerged as a positive influence in Dewey Beach and is increasingly gaining supporters - many of whom have become disillusioned with his own group?  Is he perhaps concerned that in the year it has been in existence, FOD has done more to promote Dewey Beach in a positive light than CPD (Citizens to Preserve Dewey) has done in its whole existence?

And while he is at it, perhaps Mr. Seitz would care to explain how he went from being an “independent” commissioner to being a member of the CPD steering committee so soon after leaving office?  And since Marty is not the first, perhaps CPD would care to comment on the revolving door that exists between their leadership and the town council? Perhaps they simply can’t give up their Washington, D.C. lobbyist roots and the practice of shuffling people back and forth between government and lobbying firm.

And I would really like to hear from CPD as to how it is possible that Marty Seitz, who voted in favor of the MAR, is now on the CPD steering committee!  That’s pretty remarkable, since CPD has crucified the other three members of the town council who did the same thing.  It’s been suggested that Mr. Seitz fell on his sword and voted as he did because CPD knew what could happen if depositions in the civil suit ever started.

As to the $70,000 in my letter, that was a two-week-old estimate based on information I had as to what CPD wanted to be included.  The actual contract only includes some of those things and does not include the probable legal fees that are going to be incurred.  Nor does it include the inevitable cost overruns as more things get tacked onto this as the year passes.

As to the the $10,000 cap, I was told by the town manager that he was only looking at $2,000-$2,500, so we are already looking at a budget four to five times higher than his projection.  If anyone thinks that $10,000 is going to be the end, they haven’t been paying attention.

Finally, Mr. Seitz says that this is going to be paid for with money from the Ruddertowne building permit money - the same money that the town has repeatedly insisted cannot be touched for any reason.  Well, if they can touch it for this, then how about digging a little deeper and paying the town employees the money they were promised last year before they all find other jobs?

Graham Smith
Dewey Beach

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