Race into the New Year 5K set for Dec. 31 at noon

December 28, 2012

Runners and walkers looking to end their racing year on the final day of the year can race right into 2013 Monday, Dec. 31, in Rehoboth Beach as Catchers Restaurant and the Rehoboth Beach Running Company will host the 10th annual Race into the New Year 5K Run/Walk and 1/4-Mile Youth Mini-run. The RB Running Company is at 251 Rehoboth Ave., and registration will be held from 10:30 to 11:55 a.m. The youth race for kids under 12 years old will begin at 11:55 a.m. followed by the 5K at noon. Parking will be on Rehoboth Avenue. Catchers will again prepare pancakes for the runners at the post-race celebration. For more information, visit

From the Couch to a 5K in 10 Weeks! In the past week, I have been asked by a few locals to send them my 10-week 5K running program.  Jan. 1 is the most popular date to start a jogging program. This program takes you from doing absolutely nothing to finishing a 5K in just 10 weeks. You're not setting records, you're not even running yet; the program is simply a beginning schedule to build you slowly from a walk to a jog. It was written in 1994 and tweaked very little and has been used by many locals who want to start jogging, but do not really know how to begin. Most want-to-be runners make the same mistake youth runners make when it comes to getting started; they go too fast too early. The following is a program that my friend Bob Porter and I designed years ago that has been very successful to transition from walking to jogging. This program is designed to take the walker or non-jogger to a slow, continuous 30-minute jog.  Call it a trot, call it a jog, even a run! Bottom line is that you are able to complete the 3.1-mile distance without stopping. The program is designed in minutes, not miles, which most runners seem to enjoy more. The program has you working out four days per week with plenty of rest in between sessions.

Before you begin, get a complete physical and make sure your body is cleared for this challenge. Get your legs ready with six days of walking followed by a day off before you begin. For each week of the program, try to keep your four workout days consistent such as Monday, Wednesday Friday, Saturday or Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday. Following your pre-conditioning/walking week, you are ready for week one of the program. Good luck, and 10 weeks from now will place you on the starting line at a local Seashore Striders March St. Paddy’s Day event. See you there.

Week 1 - walk 4 min. and jog 2 min. Repeat 5x.
Week 2 - walk 3 min. and jog 3 min. Repeat 5x.
Week 3 - walk 3 min. and jog 5 min. Repeat 4x.
Week 4 - walk 3 min. and jog 7 min. Repeat 3x.
Week 5 - walk 2 min. and jog 8 min. Repeat 3x.
Week 6 - walk 2 min. and jog 12 min. Repeat 2x.
Week 7 - walk 1 min. and jog 16 min. Repeat 2x.
Week 8 - walk 2 min. and jog 18 min. Repeat 2x.
Week 9 - walk 1 min. and jog 20 min. Repeat 2x.
Week 10 - jog 30 min. and congratulations! You are no longer a walker.

Ten golden rules:

1. Begin at the doctor’s office with a complete checkup before you begin.

2. Get proper equipment, most importantly a new pair of correct running shoes.

3. Keep a log that will track your progress and condition, and direct your future.

4. Never push too early. Going too fast is the most common mistake.

5. Know and listen to your body with common sense.

6. Four feet are better than two. Train with a partner or group of runners.

7. Develop your training routine with times and locations that are best for you.

8. Eliminate aches and pains with proper warm-up/cool-down stretching.

9. Avoid a quick injury with three basic rules: avoid worn shoes and uneven surfaces, and training too far, too fast, too soon.

10. Set no limitation for yourself and don’t underestimate your potential ability.

Finish chute - Friday, Dec. 28, is my final running column for 2012, and I will celebrate number 1,016 for the Cape Gazette. When my coach, mentor, boss, and friend Fredman came to me in 1993 and asked me to begin a weekly running column, I was happy to do so, but at the same time worried that no one would read it. Now here I am at over 1,000 columns later and I have readers all over the country. I get emails and text messages from runners, not just on Delmarva, but all over the United States thanking me for mentioning them or just commenting on the topic or the race. The Cape Region is a hot spot for runners of all ages, and when I began producing races in 1990, a local 300-person race was considered large and a 500-person event did not appear until some of the LDAF half marathon events that were once held. In the past two years, I have watched the Dogfish Dash in Milton reach registration totals of over 1,800. The Sea Witch 5K hit record numbers in 2011 and again in 2012; the Pumpkin Pie 5K this past November attracted a record 540 runners and walkers, and most recently, the Seashore Marathon and Half Marathon set an event record with over 2,000 participants from 46 states and just under 1,700 finishers. The Striders events continue to grow in numbers, as well as the Races2Run events, including the popular Bottle & Cork and the Seven Sisters Series in Dewey Beach. Happy New Year and welcome to 2013. Over & out!

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