Mad Cat Sweet & Sassy Pork

December 27, 2012


1 Bottle Mad Cat Hot Sauce Not For Pussycats

1 lbs. Pork

4 onions chopped

4 cloves chopped Fresh garlic

1 Tomato chopped

1 cup Cilantro chopped

2 tbs. Cumin

3 tbs. Fresh lime juice

4 tbs. honey

2 tbs. Cooking Oil

2 Cups Chicken Stock


Cut pork into mouth size pieces, add oil to hot pan. Cook onions until opaque, set aside. In the same pan brown pork until meat get some color and is firm. Add stock and cumin to pork, Cook until Tender. Add onions, garlic, tomato, Mad Cat Hot Sauce Not For Pussycats and honey, cook until onions are done. Add Cilantro to sauce and serve on roll, Tortilla even pita bread.