We need to halt RV campsite proposal

January 10, 2013

It looks like Lingo is at it again, trying to cram another project down the throats of Sussex County residents.  This time it is an RV campsite in the area of western Lewes, near Plantation Road and Cedar Grove Road and Ward Road.  We must again band together to fight against this travesty of a proposal for ultimately over 600 RV sites, over 50 cabins and some tent sites along with an amphitheater, clubhouse, pool and bar.  It is proposed in an area that is currently residential and agricultural.

This is not the type of development that is consistent with the environment and neighborhood where this project is being proposed.  This proposal also has the campsites within eyesight of Love Creek.

The impact on traffic in the summer would be horrendous on an already burdened road system around Plantation Road and Route 24, not to mention the small roads of Cedar Grove Road and Ward Road.  The impact on the wildlife, including the eagles, herons and turtles would be significant with campers using kayaks and other recreational water toys.

The fragile ecosystem around Love Creek, including the vernal pools and the wetlands from the runoff, camper, and people pollution would be in serious jeopardy from the RV campsite.  The safety of our communities would be threatened.  The noise and light pollution would seriously impact the home values of the existing neighborhoods in the area.

We must all gather together and stop this horrible proposal from going forward.  There is a Sussex County Planning & Zoning public meeting  Thursday, Jan. 24, in Georgetown where this project will be proposed.  We need to attend this meeting and let the P&Z commissioners know that we do not accept this project from going forth.

Charlie Tinacci

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