Flood's Politics column got it all wrong

January 3, 2013

How is it that Don Flood attended the same meeting that I attended at the CHEER Center in Long Neck Dec. 12 and came away with a 180-degree different view of the purpose of the gathering and what actually transpired?

I sat between an 80-year-old lady who has been a resident of a mobile home park in Long Neck for 20 plus years and a young couple with a young child who just moved here from Pennsylvania. Very different people living in two different communities with the same concerns about the costs and issues associated with living in a mobile home park here in Long Neck.

None of the people who attended seemed to care about the "... bipolar nature of modern politics" as Mr. Flood describes the scene. Bipolar by definition is a psychiatric diagnosis for a mood disorder in which people  experience disruptive mood swings. Maybe Mr. Flood's column would have set a more appropriate tone by using  the word "bipartisan" and not bipolar to describe his myopic interpretation of the scene.

People were there because they were concerned about how little power they actually had over their future housing costs, not if they were Republican or Democrat in their politics. I doubt that Mr. Flood bothered to take a true inventory of who was in the room. With over 200 in attendance, I saw young and old, black and white concerned Sussex Couty voters, not  an " ... audience that was largely white and middle class."

Mr. Flood attempts to inject politics into a meeting that was mainly about quality of life issues and survival to many attendees who did not care about politics. All of the moderators from the state spoke factually and listened to the concerns of the people and took many pages of notes. Politics never was a factor. The people were there to voice their concerns and they were heard by compassionate and understanding state officials. The meeting showed that the sponsors of the meeting and the officials that attended are concerned about the issues that were discussed and really care about "We the People."

Frank Ali
Long Neck

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