Can’t tell anyone anything they don’t know already

January 4, 2013
Jessalynn Kenton is a a Lake Forest freshman. BY DAVE FRDERICK

Big Loser Boy - I have many alter egos and aliases. My high school sports reporter persona is Big Loser Boy because I will go anywhere at any time to cover something. Wednesday afternoon, 55 miles from home "down to Snow Hill," I was in search of Cape at an indoor track meet except they didn’t show and didn’t bother to ponder, “I wonder if Big Loser Boy knows we’re not going?” Milford didn’t go either, and Sussex Tech brought four athletes - three boys and Bethany Killmon - and Caesar Rodney hasn’t figured out who I am after 30 years, so I was forced to make new friends.  Elsa Brumbaugh of Kent Island led off the 4-by-800-meter relay with a personal best 2:39. Rebekah Mills, a CR sophomore, walked the dog on anchor, running a 2:37. And Jessalynn Kenton, a Lake Forest freshman and granddaughter of state Rep. Harvey Kenton, patiently spelled her first name for me a letter at a time, sensing I was slowed down by the conflicting stimuli inside the arena. I told her that I was from Cape and she reminded me so much of ... "Jenna Steele," she finished.  Just like at home, I can’t tell anybody something they don’t already know.

Braveheart - Dan Cook took the photo; I was too busy taking a picture of my shoe tops. It was Anna Frederick on the ground raising her STX stick high in the air after Sara Young sent home the go-ahead goal against Delmar in the state championship game. Carrie Lingo gave me the stick last August, and I gave it to Anna as a birthday present. Carrie went polar bearing New Year's Day; I told her that stick had magic. Carrie said,  "I sent it to STX [she works for the company]; it was like the greatest picture ever, but the magic is in the player.” Carrie was starting to get pumped ready to play a game; you don’t get that good by smiling all the time.

Don’t buy Ray Lewis - I was at the Super Bowl in Atlanta in 2000. My nephew Mike was on the Titans that lost to the Rams. For three years before that, Mike was on the Ravens squad. I was in downtown Buckhead the night before the game and at the Titans' hotel party after the game. The following morning there was Ray Lewis on television in prison orange, charged Burton 17 and Andrew Grau 8 paced the Vikings.

Easton featured balanced scoring from Jeter 13, Washington 11 and Pulley 11.

Cape came back Dec. 29 and got housed by C.H. Flowers of Prince George's County 54-38. Toney Floyd with 13 points was the only Viking in double figures.

“I wanted two games in the tournament against the best competition so we could learn something about ourselves and get ready for the conference schedule,” Re said. “We will get 2 points toward the tournament from each of our losses. If we had played a weak team and won, we still would have gotten the same points. I want our kids to play against better people; that is how you learn.”

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