RV resort will negatively impact area

January 17, 2013

Once again the people of Sussex County who live in the area of the proposed resort campground that Lingo/Townsend plan to build are at risk of losing their manner of living and quality of life due to this proposed land usage. This RV resort is definitely not conducive to the area with respect to our already overburdened roads, especially in the summer months with the growing number of tourists that already come to the beaches and outlets.

Contrary to what we were told at the first meeting with the Lingo/Townsend representative, these people will be going to the beaches, outlets stores and restaurants daily and adding to the traffic congestion. We were told that the intentions are to make this a destination resort and these people would not be leaving the area once they have arrived in their RV. Do they plan to lock them in after arrival?  This is a ridiculous statement to say the least.

The RV city will negatively impact not only the roads, but also the local wildlife and eco systems that will be forever disrupted or destroyed contrary to what we were assured by the developer. If this RV city is allowed to be built, this area will never be the same and there will be a significant disruption for those of us that live in the area and also to Love Creek itself. I agree with the comment that if this is allowed, please watch carefully who you vote for in the future elections. This small group of people may impact your life forever.

Sharon Hess

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