Cape lacrosse connection at the Crown Center on Sundays

35 Cape Region girls play indoor lacrosse
Maggie Delp, No. 7, has tossed off the goalie mask and is playing in open space. She jumps and scores a goal from an improbable angle. BY DAVE FREDERICK
January 13, 2013

The Crown Center in Fruitland, Md., just south of the city of Salisbury on Route 13, is the venue for indoor lacrosse on Sundays for high school athletes. The place used to be a roller rink; it has that kind of feel to it. It offers a snack bar and modernized bathrooms, and the fields are turf.  Each field has its own electronic scoreboard.

Two of the three arenas are rimmed with plexiglass, giving them an NHL ice rink look. Balls that bounce off the boards are live and the game is definitely more physical. The games are 6-on-6 in addition to the goalie. Games are 22:50 halves, running clock. They are high scoring and there are no face-offs or draws. The goalie takes a scored goal out of her net and moves it up the field.

There are three, more or less, grade-level teams in the league and local girls, more or less, from Cape Henlopen play two games every other Sunday over a six-week period. The athletes are mostly from Delaware and Maryland.

Coaches are volunteers; most are parents of players.