Cross training is better than sport-specific sameness

January 15, 2013
K.C Keeler, left, and Mike Gallagher, college coaches who swear they're cool, are shown here on the Lewes Yacht Club outdoor deck after a Delaware 2012 spring game that was played at Cape. Gallagher, who coached at Cape, Central and Delaware State, was recruiting coordinator at Coastal Carolina last season but is now back on the open market BY DAVE FREDERICK

What ho! Fotojoe! Live a long life with a long career and bizarre first- time intrusions are always welcome. Put your hand in the Freddogg’s bowl and I may lick it or nip it. I want people to know who I am and I want it to cut no ice. I was taking lacrosse photos through a plexiglass shield down at the Crown Center in Fruitland, Md., last Sunday when a woman strafed into my professional photographer world introducing herself as “the new manager.”  “I’m happy for you,” I said.  She then told me that "Fotojoe" had an exclusive contract to take photos at the Crown Center. I was wearing my DIAA Cape Gazette Delaware media pass and basically gave her a lesson on equal access, First Amendment rights and the Fourth Estate. I told her that Fotojoe had nothing to do with the working press and I would continue to take photos until handcuffed and escorted from the premises. She left and a young guy with a camera – part of Fotojoe’s army – came over, handed me his ringing cellphone and Fotojoe answered. I only heard every third word. I was being nice. Joe said, "Those people are just protecting my back. I have the photo concession.” I told him I only intended to take a photo of my granddaughter and later sell it to her mother to cover my gas money. Everyone then “backed the freak off” because there is no Fotojoe universal law and no exclusive contracts at public sports events. I saw the new manager again; she said, “No hard feelings,” introduced herself by name, but the weird thing was she was now wearing a referee’s striped shirt and had a whistle around her neck.

Cross-trained athletes - There are 14 girls from the Cape varsity state championship field hockey team who also play lacrosse. I see that as cross training and cross fit – a good thing – complementary skills but not exactly the same skills. Back in the 1980s, Division I hockey/lacrosse women played both sports, but not anymore they don’t. I think that’s a mistake. I’d like to see a program combine the 12.5 scholarships per program to 25 full rides and go out and get 25 two-sport blue-chip student athletes. It could work; it's even innovative.

Go Hens! Delaware football coach K.C. Keeler woke up on the morning of the day that he was going to be fired not knowing it. An email went out to the “in the loop alumni” later in the day explaining what had transpired. It ended with “Go Hens!” I’m not a real Delaware guy even though former Blue Hens quarterback Scotty Reihm told me I qualified. I didn’t think a “We fired K.C." email should end with “Go Hens!” It brought back a personal memory of when I received a torridly negative teacher evaluation and written on the front of a never-licked white envelope were the words “Please return, I recycle.” The message was clear: “You suck and I recycle!” Message to Keeler: “You’re fired and Go Hens! “

Russell Wilson - The Seattle quarterback is too goober to be real. After he led the Seahawks to an apparent victory over Atlanta only to have it given back by another NFL example of disappearing defensive backs, he appeared at the post-game press conference and answered, “Yes, I felt awful when that kick went through the uprights and we lost. But by the time I hit the tunnel and looked up at the stands I was filled with hope and looking forward to next season."

Joking relationship - I learned years ago in a cultural anthropology class that a joking relationship is shared only among the best and most trusted of friends. “Hey, chief! Didn’t I see that nose ring on a dead and decaying musk ox just yesterday?” But a community sports columnist with my style who has been out there with his jokes and snarky sarcasm for 30 years can expect to be targeted now and again in a friendly retaliatory sort of way. Two weeks ago I was in Charlotte, N.C., with an Eastern Shore Lacrosse Club team for a weekend women’s lacrosse tournament. Last Sunday I was at the Crown Center for more Cape girls playing lacrosse. I’m being accused of being a Travel Pop, but when I go to Snow Hill, Md., to take photos of an indoor track meet I’m just accused of having no
real life outside of sports.

Snippets - Last NFL weekend gave me more material for my sports book “Getting Home! How Can I Screw This Up?” Seattle and Denver, just eye blinks away from major victories but employing disappearing D, were each torched by an immobile quarterback, making me and my picks look stupid once again. Go on now, git!

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