More thoughts on gun ownership

January 25, 2013

I am a concealed weapon permit holder in the state of Delaware and have been since 1972. As a former police officer and gun owner, pistols, shot guns and rifles, I am in favor of gun control. But let's be sensible about gun control and not go so far left or right that it does no good for anyone.

No one needs an assault rifle; they are utilized to kill people not for hunting or target shooting. Assault rifles are for our military to carry, not the average citizen.

I do not believe the federal government or a local government should have a listing of every law-abiding citizen who owns a gun. Does everyone want their name published in the newspapers if they own a gun?

Also look at it from the non-owners view. Criminals will have a listing of homes they can break into and not worry about the owner shooting.

Gerald E. Wingate Sr.

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