Top 5 FAQ’s – Face Lifts & Special Gift Offer!

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January 18, 2013


1)   Who is a good candidate for a face lift?

  • Ideal candidates for a face lift are those who are seeking improvement for sagging facial and neck skin.  Most patients seeking this procedure are between 40-60 years of age, however, if a patient has a substantial amount of loose skin at a younger age they can undergo this procedure.  Candidates should have a significant amount of skin elasticity and they should be physically healthy.

2)   How long will face lift last?

  • Results are long lasting, however, the natural aging process may cause the skin to sag once again.

3)   Will it be obvious that I have had a facelift?

  • Dr. Swier strives for natural looking results with little to no signs that a face lift was preformed.  The goal is to help the patient look more youthful and rested without creating a face that appears to be too tight.

4)   Is face lift surgery painful?

  • Although this procedure is extensive, there is usually very little pain associated with face lift surgery.

5)   Will face lift surgery eliminate all of my facial wrinkles?

  • No, facelift surgery is designed to target the lower portion of the face and the neck.  Wrinkles of the forehead and around the eyes will require procedures such as eyelid surgery, brow lift surgery and/or Botox injections.
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