Who will be responsible for next massacre?

January 31, 2013

In following the gun control stories in the Cape Gazette and other sources, I am struck by the governments' (federal and state) hypocrisy in their policies and proposals.

Politicians local and federal echo their similar demands for more intrusive gun control for alleged public safety while assuring themselves plenty of  protection. Here are some local examples.

I recently visited the Delaware State Police Barrack 7 in Lewes and was met with locked/buzz-in front door that led to a small lobby featuring bulletproof glass between the "armed" trooper and me providing the police with an extra layer of security. I had to talk through a glass opening like at a bank in an inner-city.

Next, I had to go to the Social Security office in Georgetown where a warning on the front entrance advised me that this was a gun-free zone where even state approved concealed-carry weapons were not allowed. Then, inside there is an armed security guard/greeter to protect the federal workers from dangerous retirees and others. You never know. At least, the federal authorities recognize that posting no-guns-allowed signs is not enough.

Then, I visited North Georgetown Elementary school across the street from the Social Security office to check the precautions.

As I approached, I noticed a sign posted at the entrance that this was a tobacco free building and a warning that visitors had to sign in at the office. I went in to ask a question. The doors to the school were open for easy access to anyone for any purpose with no security of any kind. Where is their layer of protection?

Gov. Markell's solution is to have a ban on possession of a firearm within 1,000 feet of a school is absurd. Will that stop the next Adam Lanza?

The lesson to be learned seems to be that self-protection, an individual moral imperative enshrined in the Second Amendment, is only approved mostly for special government authorities, "the rulers." in Delaware. And even after the Sandy Hook massacre, school children and teachers still haven't been approved for self-defense security status.

Who will be responsible for the next gun-free-zone massacre?

Geary Foertsch

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