FHA-Conventional-USDA-VA Which Loan Is Best For You?

- Private group -
February 5, 2013

Starting April 1, 2013 the FHA monthly MI (Mortgage Insurance) fee will increase to 1.3%.  And FHA will also require the MI for the for life of the loan.  Even if the

property value rises and the LTV (Loan-To-Value) drops  below 80%.  Even if it is a

15 year loan.  So it is now time to re-evaluate FHA-Conv-USDA.

Don't forget if you are a veteran the VA Loan will almost

usda logoalways be the best loan for you.

Also, rates are slowly rising and MI requirements are relaxing for Conventional loans.  A lot to think about.  Let me help you navigate through all this.

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