Marion Jones: A model of excellence

February 16, 2013

Anyone attending a Milton Town Council meeting quickly discovers why Marion Jones emerges as the “Candidate of Choice” for Milton Town Mayor. In addition, if you have the opportunity to work with her, as I did as co-chair of the Milton Economic Development Committee, you will observe a highly competent candidate with a unique combination of skills, abilities and community-driven motivations. Here are a few of the reasons why my wife and I are voting for Ms. Jones.

Marion Jones raises the bar on preparing for council meetings. Marion not only studies the materials that she receives in advance of council meetings, but she researches and examines the depth and breadth of each issue. Most importantly, she openly shares her information in a timely and transparent manner with council and community members. (Gosh, not everyone does this.) She remains professional at all times with fellow council members, town employees and, most importantly Milton citizens.

Ms. Jones’s behavior is a model for other individuals to emulate. Her choice of language and demeanor is always courteous and discrete. In addition, Marion is both patient and persistent. She patiently allows other town council members and meeting participants to express their thoughts and concerns. Marion then responds with research-based facts and accurate documentation.

Most importantly, she does not allow others to ignore or table her contributions, but is persistent in getting her points across. A study of minutes of council meetings will clearly document this ability. Finally, Ms. Marion Jones is a people-oriented person. Marion is courteous and caring in her relationship with individual members of town government and community. She takes her people-oriented behaviors an important step further by placing emphasis on the often overlooked processes of collaboration, building alliances, and involving others. (From my perspective, attending many town council meetings, our sitting mayor does not do this!)

Marion Jones has raised the bar on what it means to be a member of the Milton Town Council. And, as our next mayor she will raise the bar on that office as well.

Don Shandler

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