Helpful Apps for Real Estate

February 14, 2013

In this day an age it seems as if there is a mobile phone AP for everything.  As a realtor I have found some to be more helpful then others as it pertains to real estate.  Since our real estate market activity is on the rise, I thought that these may come in handy as you are out there searching neighborhoods. I personally have an iphone but am pretty sure these come for android phones also.  Hope this helps!!

Mortgage Loan Calculator & Mortgage Rates 4+ stars - Easy to use loan claculator.  Just plug in the loan amount, how many years for the loan, and your interest rate - gives you a good ball park of your monthly payment.  You will still need to meet with a mortgage company or bank when you get serious about buying.  That pre approval letter is a must!  4+ stars - National company that lists all properties in the US including the beach area.  Useful "just sold" listings with the date. 4 stars - National company that posts their active listings with easy to see little houses in neighborhoods.  Helpful if you are in a subdivision and wondering "what houses go for"

My Measures - fee - Great for measuring rooms or spaces.  Helpful if you are wondering if your living room furniture will fit in that space.

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Happy Hunting!