Bluebird of happiness spotted in Milton

February 20, 2013

A small Delaware town like Milton, a town having so much potential for growth - smart-growth, that is! - a town rich in history, rich in architecture, a town with a host of new business ventures and a wealth of fine institutions and service organizations, here is a town that is poised and ready, I believe, to fully tap into the care and concern of the citizenry, as well as a veritable treasure chest of volunteer capital that truly wonderful small towns must possess.


Milton, we have so much potential!  And I believe it will not be long before everyone is in agreement that Milton is indeed, a great place in which to live and raise one's family.


Add to this a super location and the beauty of the landscape - yes, even a river runs through it! - and clearly, the need for such a town to have a mayor who will involve the people fully, bring the citizens along so to speak, here is what mandates use of the word "vision" and a full knowledge of its true meaning as applied to good governance and public service.  It is all clear indication I believe, that we as a town must choose Marion Jones as our next mayor.


Yes, I believe wholeheartedly, that this is the clear choice.  It is a choice as crystal clear as the blue, blue sky on Presidents Day 2013, a day on which coincidentally, I spotted a chunky little bluebird outside my window.  Enough said.


Jeff Dailey


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