Nolting letter off base on church

March 1, 2013

In response to the recent letter to the editor from Mr. Lou Nolting, Lewes, entitled "Future of Lewes Presbyterian in question," I would argue that this issue is in fact entirely theological.

The Presbyterian Church United States of America (PCUSA) currently holds the position, among others that:

1. The virgin birth of Jesus Christ is doubtful.

2. The way to salvation is not only through Jesus Christ.

3. The Bible is not inerrant.

The main issue in the above list is the third point. Evangelical Christians believe the Bible to be the word of God and all other points fall under this one. The Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians (ECO) also believes in the infallibility of the Bible.

The PCUSA takes the position that you can "scruple" any of these and other points, meaning you don't have to believe in them. There is nothing political about this.

As to the point of the city of Lewes being involved in the church's decision based upon the historical identification of the building, there is nothing about religion in the Constitution of Delaware. In the Delaware Bill of Rights under Article 1. section 1 it states "no power shall or ought to be vested in or assumed by any magistrate that shall in any case interfere with, or in any manner control the rights of conscience, in the free exercise of religious worship..."

Sorry, Mr. Nolting, but your attempt to make this a political issue fails miserably.

Kit and Gail Kennedy
Donna Repass

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