Harry Caswell should keep his clothes on

March 4, 2013

I think the Valentine greeting your paper printed of an almost nude Harry Caswell was disgusting. I would think a local business person would have more taste and find another way to spend all the money this ad cost. He could have sent this money to a local charity in his wife's name.

I cannot imagine a wife wanting to see such a disgusting greeting in the paper for a way to show her spouse's love. This is for his ego only and, believe me, he should have taken a long look in the mirror before doing something so crass. He sure doesn't even come close to an even aging Fabio.

For your paper to even print this picture is doubly disgusting. Of course you did make money which seems to be so important; more so than moral values. Harry, you should stick with wearing lots of clothes.

Josie Sudano

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