Many reasons to deny proposed RV park

March 15, 2013

I have owned a home on Ward Road adjacent to the proposed RV park for the past 32 years. I have expressed my opposition to this inappropriate rezoning for many reasons - in letters, phone calls and at meetings. After the huge display of no votes and the very few yes votes at the recent council meeting, I should be able to have confidence that our council will do the right thing and turn down the rezoning proposals.

Sadly, the Love Creek communities can't be assured that the evidence we have submitted can defeat the ill-conceived plans of the Lingo organization.

The few issues which I feel have not been sufficiently addressed are simply safety and traffic, which essentially are the same thing when a project like this is dropped in the middle of such an idyllic community. The entrance to the RV park plan is from Cedar Grove Road, an approximately two-and-a-half mile narrow and curvy country road with no shoulders which is already inadequate.

In my years on Ward Road, I have witnessed numerous serious auto accidents at the intersections of Ward Road and Cedar Grove as well as Cedar Grove, Postal Lane and Plantation Road. I have frequently pleaded with DelDOT for 25 years to improve these intersections and have never received a response.

I have a simple, inexpensive and conclusive plan which will bring the RV resort issue to an end. DelDOT should measure the width of Cedar Grove Road pavement (with non-existent shoulders), measure the width of a fire truck, ambulance or school bus and add the width of a typical RV.

It will be clear to everyone that Cedar Grove is inadequate to handle the traffic of the proposed project and protect the safety of current residents.

As a long-time Sussex County resident and taxpayer, I and my family deserve to be protected from the greed of this developer and be able to enjoy our home and our community.

Todd Miller

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