<rant> Attractive girls can be "real gamers," too

February 27, 2013
Yes, I was actually playing The Unfinished Swan. I'm not saying I'm attractive, but you get the point. BY CASSIE GOTTO

You know what really bugs me? I really hate when a good-looking girl posts a picture of herself wearing a game-related shirt or holding a controller and everyone automatically assumes that she isn't a real gamer. Okay, so "real gamers" that are female can't be attractive? This makes no sense to me. Sure, some girls on the internet pretend to be gamers so that guys will like them. And some guys do it too. But realize something--there are PLENTY of girl gamers in the world. Trust me: I love games more than most guys I know.

Don't judge a game by its cover art. Not all girls who post pictures of themselves with game paraphernalia are posers.