Prize winners listed for Chocolate Festival

This young visitor to Rehoboth's Chocolate Festival gives an enthusiastic effort to her tasting. SOURCE SUBMITTED
March 12, 2013

The Rehoboth Beach Chocolate Festival held March 2 was a community day for all and raised funds for Rehoboth Beach Main Street and the Friends of the Rehoboth Beach Public Library. More than 2,300 attendees feasted on more than 225 different entries of delectable chocolate concoctions including the items made by the winners listed below.

Grand Prize winners included Salt Air in the Restaurant division for Maggie Celitto's Chocolate Pie. In the Professional division, Marti Austin's Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake Mousse took top honors. The Point Coffee House & Bakery took the Bakery division with John Del Vecchio's Macadamia Chocolate Chip Pie. Elizabeth Roskowski won the Amateur division for her Chocolate Orange Peanut Butter Crèmes. Grayson Boyette's White Chocolate Mousse Pie won the Kids 12 and Under category. Roskowski's Lobster Bake, made out of chocolate, won the Showpiece; and Nolan Witman's Treasure Chest of Chocolate won the Kids' Showpiece.

Other winners by category are as follows:

Cookies: 1st - The Cultured Pearl, 2nd - The Cultured Pearl, 3rd - Café Azafran.

Brownies: 1st - Irish Eyes Pub & Restaurant, 2nd - Arena’s, 3rd - The Cultured Pearl.

Pie: 1st - Salt Air, 2nd - Salt Air, 3rd - Salt Air.

Cheesecake: 1st - Café Azafran, 2nd - Salt Air, 3rd - Irish Eyes Pub & Restaurant.

Candy: 1st - Blue Moon, 2nd - Blue Moon, 3rd - The Cultured Pearl.

Cake: 1st - Irish Eyes Pub & Restaurant, 2nd - Arena’s, 3rd - Irish Eyes Pub & Restaurant.

Most Unusual: 1st - Salt Air,  2nd - Salt Air, 3rd - Salt Air.

Professional Category

Cookies: 1st - Aileen Hearn, 2nd - Dolce Bakery, 3rd - Kevin Kable.

Brownies: 1st - Dolce Bakery,  2nd - Aileen Hearn, 3rd - Marti Austin.

Pie: 1st - Bob Cirelli

Cheesecake: 1st - Kevin Kable, 2nd - Robert Cirelli, 3rd - Dolce Bakery.

Candy: 1st - Sweet Serenity Chocolate, 2nd - Renaissance Chocolate,

3rd - Sweet Serenity Chocolate.

Cake: 1st - Denise De Rosa, 2nd - Bob Cirelli, 3rd - Bob Cirelli.

Most Unusual: 1st - Marti Austin, 2nd- Susie Bond, 3rd- Susie Bond.

Bakery Category

Cookies: 1st - The Point Coffee House & Bakery,  2nd - The Point Coffee House & Bakery, 3rd - The Bake Shoppe.

Brownies: 1st - Sugar Bakers, 2nd - Touch of Italy, 3rd - The Bake Shoppe.

Pie: 1st - The Point Coffee House & Bakery, 2nd - The Bake Shoppe

3rd - The Bake Shoppe.

Cheesecake: 1st - The Point Coffee House & Bakery, 2nd - The Bake Shoppe, 3rd - Cake Break.

Candy: 1st - The Sweetness Cake Company, 2nd - The Point Coffee House & Bakery

Cake: 1st - Cake Break, 2nd - The Point Coffee House & Bakery,

3rd - Cake Break.

Most Unusual: 1st - The Point Coffee House & Bakery,  2nd - The Bake Shoppe, 3rd - Adel’s Sticky Buns.

Amateur Category

Cookies: 1st - Joost Elling, 2nd - Treacy Boyette, 3rd - Nancy Stauffer.

Brownies: 1st - Elizabeth Roskowski;  2nd - Mitch Geasler,  3rd - Kaylee Giacomini.

Pie: 1st - Heather Smith,  2nd - Terri Carr, 3rd - Nancy Stauffer.

Cheesecake: 1st - Treacy Boyette, 2nd - Aileen Hearn, 3rd - Elizabeth Roskowski.

Candy: 1st - Elizabeth Roskowski, 2nd - Nancy Stauffer, 3rd - Marlene Dulis.

Cake: 1st - Jackie Bossard, 2nd - Terri Carr,  3rd - Mitch Geasler.

Most Unusual: 1st - Kevin Parsons, 2nd - Skyler Currie, 3rd - Leslie Baer.

Kids 12 and Under

Cookies: 1st - Linnea Poulsen.

Brownies: 1st - Grayson Boyette, 2nd - Faith Thompson & Alexis Reyes, 3rd - Sophie Czerwinski & Kat Moore.

Cheesecake: 1st - Nolan Witman, 2nd - Jessica Thompson & Alyssa Reyes, 3rd - Daphne Branner.

Candy: 1st - Race Caruso, 2nd - Race Caruso, 3rd - Allie Parsons.

Cake: 1st - Brianna Willams, 2nd - Nolan Witman, 3rd - Allie Parsons.

Most Unusual: 1st - Emily Gampp.

Showpiece Winners: 1st - Elizabeth Roskowski, 2nd - Rachel Meoli,

3rd - Pam McCoy.

Kids Showpiece: 1st- Nolan Witman, 2nd- Devon Giacomini.

Cake Break, Kilwin’s Rehoboth Avenue and the Village Improvement Association sold tasty delights including chocolate candy, cake pops and some goodies made from old family recipes. There was more chocolate in one place than anyone could ever imagine!

Delicious milk was poured by the Lewes Dairy maidens. Kids had fun creating chocolate delights of their own with Katie Freer the Sprouting Chef. The room was adorned with kisses decorated by Kids Cottage children.

Special thanks to all those who entered the chocolate contest, the many volunteers, judges and food contributors as well as all the neighbors who came to taste the goodies this year.

For more information about the Chocolate Festival, Rehoboth Beach Main Street and volunteer opportunities call 302-227-2772 or go to