RV Park would impair quality of life

March 15, 2013

When considering land use applications, the Sussex County Council has generally been guided by the Quality of Life Act of 1988 and its intent, “to encourage the most appropriate use of land, water and resources consistent with the public interest.”  Numerous examples of the county councils effort's can be cited, among them Ordinance No. 1980 which states, “the purpose of planning and zoning is to promote health, safety, prosperity and general welfare.”

County council has another opportunity to demonstrate its support for these important principles as it considers the RV park proposed for Sussex County.  Clearly, the developer wants county council to believe an RV Park is the most appropriate use of land, water and resources.  (After all, everyone should have a RV park in their backyard.)  Of course, the developer feels an RV park for non-residents would be in the public interest - just not the public of Sussex County.

One may wonder why we should care about this stuff, anyway.   Perhaps an RV park is all we need.  After all, don’t we have enough quality homes in the area?  Aren’t there already sufficient businesses and jobs in Sussex County?  Approving the RV park may even stop others from moving into the area, forcing restaurants to offer more of those great off-season deals locals enjoy.

The developer and his experts went to great lengths at the Sussex County Council meeting to show that trees, birds, animals, or other wildlife would be minimally impacted by the RV park, and that’s nice.  However, I didn’t hear one word from the developer about the impact on quality of life of residents.  That’s probably because they had nothing to say on the subject.  Instead, 200 of us jammed the county council meeting and 1,000 residents signed petitions to protect the environment and challenge a project that would add 500 campers or motor homes clogging up our roads on weekends.  What’s that compared to the fun non-residents will have or the money the developer will make?  After all, the birds will be OK and 1,000 residents are only taxpayers.  And voters.

Anthony Principato

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