Join the fight against RV city

March 21, 2013

What economic value does another RV Park bring to Lewes? If Jack Lingo Asset Management has its way, we will have a 620-unit RV resort and camp-ground built on Cedar Grove Road just west of Plantation Road, surrounded by established residential communities.

Many local residents strongly oppose the proposed rezoning required to per-mit this development in the environmentally sensitive Love Creek area. The opposition is not because they hate RV parks. They oppose it in this location because it will bring lower economic benefit to the town and county versus more suitable residential housing.

Where does an RV'er spend discretionary income? If you were to believe Lingo, the campers will not be clogging our roads because they will be staying within the confines of their resort. So, that would mean little spending. In another breath, Lingo says an RV park will aid the local economy. You can't have it both ways. I believe they will go to the grocery stores, restaurants, beaches and maybe the outlets.

I argue that they will not spend money at the same level or on the variety of items homeowners do. People who buy a new home or move into the area spend thousands of dollars on furniture, appliances, window treatments, fans, lighting, storage, carpets and all the other decorating items.

They also employ local decorators, landscapers for maintenance, and new landscaping. They employ electricians, plumbers, contractors and painters. They have pets that visit groomers and vets. Residents eat in local restaurants and support local mom and pop stores - year round!

Permanent residents take pride in their property and community. Their commitment is far greater than those who come here to camp for the weekend, week or even the summer. A resident’s commitment is for years. An RV'er has little commitment to anything in Lewes. They pull their house in and out as they desire.

So, I ask who brings more to a community - a seasonal vacationer or a committed resident? I contend the full-time resident generates significantly greater support to the local economy - creating jobs, driving tax revenues for the county, and supporting businesses year round. The RV’er burdens our public safety services (law enforcement, fire, rescue, hospital) and does not pay for them.

Development will happen. But, what kind of development does Lewes want or need to make it a wonderful place to live for the future? Lewes has become a highly desirable place for retirement as well as for families looking for a less hectic lifestyle. I believe this is what we want to attract to maintain the reputation that Lewes has established as a great place to live now and in the future.

I urge you to join us in the fight to prevent the rezoning of land for the sole purpose of creating an RV Resort and Campground in the midst of our residential communities. Go to www.STOPRVCITY/ to educate yourselves on what is happening in your surrounding area and get involved.

Darlene Selewach

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