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March 28, 2013

The following letter is directed to Politics columnist Don Flood.

First ,I would like to commend you for referring to the AR-15 as a military style fire arm in your Politics column in the March 20 edition of the Cape Gazette. Most journalists seem to think these are "assault weapons."

Secondly, I would like to share my opinion that there is no one in government qualified to tell me what I need or should be allowed  to own in the way of firearms. Laws were passed years ago to preclude the ownership of automatic weapons by the average U.S. citizen. That is fine with me.  But somehow the citizens (militia) of Switzerland and Israel have automatic weapons in their homes and manage to avoid wholesale slaughter.

I had a car many years ago with close to 400 horsepower. I didn't need it, but I had it. I have firearms also. And I have yet to hurt anyone with the high powered car or the firearms.

Regarding military-style firearms, why is the national debate all but silent on the fact that the AR-15 was not even used in the recent horrendous Connecticut shootings. Why are we not looking at the psychotropic drugs which seem to be involved in every recent mass shooting with the exception of the "work place violence" attack on our military by the Islamic army major?  Is that because it is easier (believe it or not) for politicians to demonize and fight the NRA than it would be to fight the drug manufacturers and risk losing campaign donations?

Banning military-style rifles accomplishes nothing. These weapons fire the same cartridges  at the same rate as any traditional style hunting or sporting rifle. Are we that politically correct that we will bow to perception and not reality.

The debate over magazine capacity is being held by many people who wouldn't know a magazine from a newspaper (pun intended).  Many semi-automatic pistols today will have a magazine capacity of 15 rounds.  What possible benefit is to be found by decreasing this capacity to 10 rounds?  In the words of Hillary Clinton "What possible difference could it make?"  The Connecticut shooter just carried a couple of pistols with him. An experienced shooter can replace an empty magazine in as little as four seconds. (or less).

I don't have a problem with stiffening penalties for lawbreakers, but why don't we enforce the laws we have. The Federal Justice Department is on record as saying that the newly-proposed bans and restrictions will have no more effect on reducing gun violence than the original assault weapon ban enacted years ago.

And finally, I would like to commend the Hudson family for their courage in sharing their views with the public. I would like to do the same, but imagine how much trouble it is to secure permission from the state to erect a billboard or sign like they have. At my age, I would not live long enough to complete the process.

Jim Murphy

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