Vote for gun background checks

March 28, 2013

The following letter was sent to Sen. Ernie Lopez and Rep. Steve Smyk:

A photo ad appeared in the Cape Gazette March 4 edition showing a machine gun for sale by a gun dealer in Lewes. I know this machine gun is needed for every Delawarean "hunter's" gun arsenal - along with their assault rifles. What they intend to do with them is another question.

And of course, no background check is required if bought at a gun show. If bought and sold between friends or relatives no background check is required, and the path of ownership darkens to police and FBI agents. I don't know about you, but as a mother and great-grandmother this ad gave me a cold chill remembering Newtown, Conn.

I can see the bullets flying from this gun or any assault weapon into the faces and bodies of these children. I can see the Delaware State Troopers up against this gun or any assault weapon.

Please, for Gods sake, for the sake of society, vote for a background check on all guns bought. And, for the preservation of our children, ban all assault weapons and high number magazines. It is not against the Second Amendment to ban assault weapons. No one is taking away their guns, just an unnecessary weapon of mass destruction.

Adele Haas

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