Lack of Wi-Fi and a dead phone on the first day of Pax East

March 22, 2013

With thousands of people trying to use the internet at once, it's no wonder why I haven't been able to access the internet all day. I am sorry for the lack of updates.

Today I waited in line for over three hours to play the demo for The Last Of Us. Was it worth it? Absolutely. I even met a few of Naughty Dog's employees, including the director of The Last Of Us.

There is so much stuff here that it's impossible to see everything in a day. We have two more days to do what we didn't have a chance to do today. Right now we are taking a break from all of the madness in the Expo Hall and playing Lego City Undercover in the current generation console freeplay room.

Well, I'm tired, hungry, my feet hurt, and I couldn't possibly carry any more bags of gaming swag. First day of Pax East 2013= successful.