Forces gather to fight Long Neck RV park

April 5, 2013

The Massey's Landing Homeowners Association is planning to fight the zoning change requested for Castaway's Massey's Landing, a proposed 322-unit RV park adjacent to Massey's Landing Mobile Home Park, Pot Nets Seaside, Pot Nets Dockside, and the state boat launch, fishing and parking facility on Long Neck Road. The request is to change the property currently zoned MR (Medium-density Residential) to AR (Agricultural-Residential with conditional use for RVs).

Traffic is already a serious concern to all residents of Long Neck Road, especially during the vacation season when the proposed RV park would impact traffic the most. The 2005 traffic survey cited in the initial application does not include the increased development on Long Neck Road or the approved 260-unit RV Park on Rehoboth Shores property. Response time for emergency vehicles and personnel is critical and would be increased dramatically by the additional volume of traffic created by 322 RVs. Virtual gridlock is already common for Long Neck Road on holidays and most summer weekends.

In addition on weekends the adjacent state boat launching area is filled to capacity, with vehicles overflowing on to Long Neck Road, parking on both sides of the roadway. The traffic situation already creates a serious threat to life and property, and any increase in traffic volume will certainly elevate this risk to a critical level, guaranteeing a disastrous incident.

In addition to the traffic issues there would be significant adverse environmental and ecological impact to the area. The proposal indicates the area is to be clear cut, eliminating existing trees and ground cover. The areas are now a combination of woods and open space, which are home to a diverse population of wildlife. The adverse impact on the wetlands, Inland Bays, waterways and marine life associated with the building of bulkheads, docks and piers is impossible to calculate.

While there is no way of knowing how many more watercraft would be introduced into our already crowded waterways, it must be assumed the number would be significant and would lead to increased air pollution from outboard motors and water pollution from gas, oil spillage and trash.

Another concern is related to the crime that would be generated by large numbers of transient people with no vested interest in the surrounding areas, creating increased costs for additional police units.

This plan listed as Phase 1, if approved, can lead to a next phase which will be the expansion of the RV park into the Massey's Landing Mobile Home Park. This will displace all 100 existing homeowners, eliminate their homes and replace them with approximately 150 RV lots. Property tax revenues from the 100 dwelling units would no longer be generated, having a significant impact on county and school district budgets.

Approval of this plan would have a negative effect on all of the 10,000 plus current residents of Long Neck Road communities, surrounding communities and roads. Massey's Landing Homeowners Association is working with other local homeowners associations and groups in unified opposition to the requested zoning change and RV Park.

Similar proposals by “Castaway's” in the Lewes and Ocean View areas have recently been denied.

Dave Heffline

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