Composted leaf mulch now available at Grizzly's

Doc Grizzly, aka Dick Pack, displays composted leaf mulch. SOURCE SUBMITTED
April 9, 2013

It’s here at last … the serious gardener’s perfect mulch - composted leaf mulch - available at Grizzly’s.

According to Doc Grizzly, aka Dick Pack, “It all starts in the soil, and there is no better mulch for the garden than composted leaves, the way nature has been replenishing the soil for millions of years.”

Now comes organic composted leaf mulch, the newest ancient practice to be reintroduced to the gardening market, hungry for natural ways to produce quality vegetables, flowers and shrubbery.

Leaf mulch feeds the soil with organic matter and micronutrients, attracts worms, increases water holding capacity of the soil, maintains temperature equilibrium so soil is cooler in summer and warmer in winter, helps prevent soil erosion by wind and water, and eliminates costly spring cleanup and disposal of old mulch.

Other authorities have noted the value of leaf mulch. Mike McGrath, host of "You Bet Your Garden" on  WHYY FM radio and syndicated across the country on National Public Radio, says, “Shredded leaves are the absolute best mulch for your garden plants, preventing weeds better than wood chips or shredded bark - and without the risk of … fungus.”

Grizzly’s Landscape Supply, Route 9, Lewes, is now a distributor for Karbon leaf mulch. Grizzly’s has been providing high-quality landscape products and services to Sussex County residents and businesses since 1979. “Our aim has always been to introduce and provide the best in organic and natural products for serious gardeners,” said Doc Grizzly, owner of Grizzly’s Landscape Supply. “We introduced compost to our market over 20 years ago, and we’re proud to have been involved with the birth of the Delaware Composting Association, now the Mid-Atlantic Composting Association.”

Karbon leaf mulch is available at Grizzly’s Landscape Supply or from a landscape contractor. Grizzly’s is on Route 9, three miles west of Route 1, and is open daily from 8-5, Saturdays from 8-4. Phone Grizzly’s at 302-644-0654 or email

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