Rehoboth lays down new lines

April 29, 2013

As spring and tourists start arriving in Rehoboth Beach, the city is putting on its game face: refreshing street lines on Rehoboth Avenue.

Traffic Lines Inc. of Farmingdale, N.J., was in town April 8-9 to repaint the lines for parking spaces on the Rehoboth Avenue median and some crosswalks. The company uses Thermoplastic, a material that is highly visible and resistant to oil and grease.

Before applying, an electric blower was used to clear any debris off the lines. Thermoplastic was applied like a spray over street markings, and glass beads were applied on top for increased reflectivity. The process uses heat to bond the Thermoplastic to the roadway, and 50- to 55-degree air temperatures accelerate drying time, so work was done in the cooler morning weather.