Will we have to register dangerous, sharp objects too?

April 12, 2013

In light of the college stabbings today, I have made an inventory of all of my household knives and will check that inventory every night to ensure nothing is missing. I will be sure to notify the police within 24 hours of any thefts of kitchen knives because I don't want to be fined for not reporting the theft of a dangerous, sharp object. I am a law abiding citizen, after all!

I am sure we will soon be receiving instructions on registering all of the household sharps and I would like to have a definitive list of items that will be included in the registration. Will we be including scissors, utility knives, boxcutters? How about Sawzall blades, axes, handsaws and other various and sundry tools that would be considered "dangerous, sharp objects". Should I include nail clippers? I have a rather large collection of sewing goods - will we be including sewing needles, crochet needles, knitting needles and such?

I need to get started as the potential for dangerous, sharp objects to be detrimental to public safety (especially school children) is great and I surely wouldn't want any of my dangerous, sharp objects to fall into the hands of a criminal or a lunatic. And, of course, we wouldn't want to address the issue of crime and mental health when all we really need to do is keep sharp objects away from them.

Each of us should petition our legislators today to pass dangerous sharp object control laws to ensure the safety of the public - we can't let these things fall into the wrong hands where they could do serious harm! Oh, I was informed by a friend that these are not "dangerous, sharp objects" as I describe them but should be considered assault knives. Please be sure to let all of your State and Federal representatives know that you want something done about these assault knives right away - for the children.

Jeannette Taylor

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