The Wooden Indian has a new shopper in the Children's Area

April 17, 2013
Anastasia is the latest to love shopping the Children's Area at The Wooden Indian. BY ANASTASIA'S MOM.

Our newest shopper Anastasia says, my Aunt Frances has me hooked as a Wooden Indian Shopper in the Children's Area. I can get so many wonderful things from The Wooden Indian, gifts from beautiful banks to blankets, plush toys, musical snow globes and fabulous tea sets for the many parties I am planning this summer. There are so many great gift ideals for kids, I had to fill my bag. And for those special gifts, my Aunt Frances showed me the beautiful silver gifts, like cups and spoons and my favorite, a brush and comb set. Come in a see my Aunt Frances, she can help you fill your bag full of goodies!!!  See you soon... Love, Anastasia