Helpful Apps for your Garden

April 15, 2013

As spring approaches, I am always excited and curious to see what is coming up in my garden.  I had tried to get into the habit of "tagging" each plant as I planted them, but with time they tend to disappear.  I have also started taking pictures with my iphone - now to keep them organized!! 

Here are a few apps that will hopefully help us all in our gardening plans this spring.  Now if  I could only find an app for a "green thumb".  Enjoy!!


Garden Tracker - price $1.99

This app will let you input your garden's dimensions, label plants you have planted and tell you how many of your plants will fit in each square foot of your garden.

Plant Doctor - free

The Plant Doctor provides descriptions of 10 of the most common plant diseases.  You can also text and send a photo to a professional plant pathologist for a more complex problem.

Lanscaper's Companion - $4.99

Can't identify a plant?  This app keeps track of more than 1400 plants in 16 categories including perennials, shrubs, annuals and houseplants.  It will also let you know how much water and sun each needs.  Check out the 6,000 photos if you still can't identify.