Thrilled to see support for marriage equality

April 19, 2013

As a strong advocate for marriage equality, I was thrilled to see the huge turnout at Monday's University of Delaware rally. These young Delaware voters embrace the belief that I share that it is every person's right to commit to spend your life with the person you love and have that relationship recognized by our government.

I have the good fortune to be a teacher and witness the way children accept and celebrate each other's differences. Fostering this inclusive spirit creates future generations of open-minded citizens, as evidenced by the U of D rally.

As a practicing Catholic, I believe God calls us not only to love one another, but also to work to bring justice to those who are being denied life's basic rights.

As a proud Delawarean, advocating for same-gender marriage allows me to live out my faith. My support for marriage equality is shaped by my faith and my privilege of living in a progressive state in a free country. This issue becomes passionate for me because I have a son who is gay. But that is only 1 part of who he is. My son is funny, smart, loving, fiercely loyal - a real catch!! He should be free to marry who he wants, where he wants. And I am greatly encouraged to see that there is increasing vocal agreement in the justice of this.

I am proud to be a Delaware Catholic at this historic time in our history. I applaud our lawmakers, led by Governor Markell, for advocating for this highly public yet uniquely personal issue.

Patricia A Rafter

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