SEA TO SHINING SEA: Shipping out

That's a pair of sandals between the two rear panniers.  If the hills get too steep, I'll take off the biking shoes, strap on the sandals and start pushing uphill.  I know I can push the bike at least two miles per hour. Coming down the other side will be easier and faster.  Which state do you think has the total amount of climbing?  Not the highest, but the most pedaling uphill? Answer: tomorrow. BY DENNIS FORNEY
April 15, 2013

Fed Ex will be picking up the bicycles on Tuesday this week and shipping them out to Bikes and Beyond in Astoria, Oregon. I used an outfit called and a special box they call their AirCaddy.  The box is specifically designed for shipping bicycles including a metal plate in the bottom where you mount the front forks, after removing the front wheel. All pretty slick.

The folks at Bikes and Beyond will put the seat, handlebars and racks back in position.  We will carry our packed panniers on the airplane with tent, cooking stuff, rain gear, electronics, sandals and other stuff to survive with for the next three months.  50 pounds plus the weight of the bike.  It's a Salsa Vaya 2 touring bike with fatter and more treaded tires than road bikes.

More tomorrow.  Lots of details to take care of.

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