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September 23, 2013

If your paver patio is failing, it probably isn't the fault of the paver you selected.

The average cost of a high quality brick or concrete paver is around $2.50 per square foot (wholesale). All costs beyond that are for stone, edging, sand, LABOR, LABOR, AND LABOR. If your patio has failed, odds have it that a corner was cut in favor of your installer's profit margin. A quality job simply cannot be completed in just a few days with a truck's worth of stone and basic hand tools.

The type of soil under the patio, compaction technique, geotextile fabric, type of stone, stone depth, and even the type of sand have a role in the success or failure of a project. 

There are now contractors that specialize in mitigating the fallout from inferior installations, but always check their credentials before signing a proposal. If you are considering a new patio installation, ask your contractor about compaction testing, proctor densities, and the grade of geotextile fabric they plan to use.  If they seem the next company in the phone book.

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