Organic Lawn Products Now Available

- Private group -
April 18, 2014

Lawn fertilization has become a billion dollar industry in our country.  Perhaps to the point that businesses put chemicals on your lawn not for your turf's sake, but for the sake of payroll, taxes, insurance, vehicle payments, and their corporate bottom line. Most of today's commercial lawn products are mixed with salt, YES... SALT, so it can be easily applied in a spreader.  Just for fun, ask your provider what chemicals he is putting on your lawn, and look it up on the web...Virtually all of these chemicals are harmful so why not use some more discretion?

The Thoroughbred Horse Community has helped drive the need for safe, organic turf management products. Commercial lawn chemicals can affect a horse's immune system and breeding cycle, and no breeder or trainer wants to stress a potential triple crown winner.  These new organic compounds can be applied safely and an animal can be in the pasture as soon as an hour after.

Do your children and pets deserve the same? Barefoot partners with a privately owned, family run, fully licensed organic lawn applicator for the weed control and fertilization component of their Estate Management Package.  We insist on using products safe for kids, pets, and the environment.  Applications are based on the soil temperature, soil makeup, and the lawn's overall health...not the calendar.  Quite often, what your lawn needs one year might not be the answer the next.

Barefoot's licensed applicator Chas has a degree in Turf Management and is a wealth of knowledge in all phases of landscaping, golf course management, and plant nutrition. If you want a lush lawn without the guilt, call 302.526.0880.