Sallies fans give generously at Brian Tappan fundraiser

Jacob Brown wins Number 33 Award
Steve Spence of Atlantic Lacrosse presents Jacob Brown with the Brian Tappan Award. BY DAVE FREDERICK
April 23, 2013

Friends and foes - You play Salesianum in a sport, you get the whole shebang - moms and dads, grandparents and alumni - and if you have to sit on the same side of the stadium as their fans as in the sports of lacrosse and soccer, their enthusiasm will wear you out.  But the better news is that, on the way into Legends Stadium before Saturday’s Brian Tappan fundraiser, the Catholic crew from Wilmington proved very generous when assured there was no second collection. “We asked everyone for a $5 donation, explained what it was for and most just dropped in a $20 bill and said 'Keep it,'" said Lori Voss of the Cape Boosters Club. Now Cape just has to find a way to beat them.

Jacob Brown - A U15 player on the Atlantic boys' lacrosse team, Jacob was presented with the Brian Tappan Unsung Hero Award at halftime of the Salesianum game for his spirit and courage on the lacrosse field and for being a steady and great teammate who just quietly goes out and does his job. “The back story is he fell off a tractor and cracked his skull then came back and played but he didn’t want anything made of that," said his coach, Burli Hopkins, the Cow Guy and no stranger to farm equipment. “I added, 'Because you ain’t supposed to fall off of tractors,'" Burli said.  ”No, I guess you’re not,”  Brown responded. Brown was at the game with his parents, Curt and Cathie Brown.

Who knew? - There is a Jewish Community Center on Holland Glade Road, and why would I know that? Last Sunday was the Oy Vey 5K and about 100 runners showed up. I was personally thanked a few times for being there with my camera, so I’m thinking of joining. I’m sure I can amend my religious belief system, which is always in a state of flux anyway. Bruce Clayton won his first-ever race after completing a duathlon the previous day in Delaware City. That is run-bike-run - no one is swimming in the C&D canal and suffering the Curse of Fu Manchu goatee of crud and dirt.

Big Poppy - David Ortiz went Chase Utley and dropped the F-bomb on the crowd at Fenway Park last week, yelling “This Is our F-ing city!” and everyone responded, “Yea and A”! Now T-shirts are rolling off the assembly line, proceeds going into a victims' fund. The association of that word with America goes way back. I remember in my hometown Pete the Italian barber, who had fought in World War II, told me when he came face to face with his ally, a Russian infantryman, inside Germany the Russian smiled and looked at him and said, "Hey American, f--- you.” “That was the only English he knew, figured we said it so much it must be a good thing,” said Pete.

Role distance - The cool guy who rides backward on a merry-go-round hobby- horse is telling us, “You don’t think I’m actually into this, I’m here with a child,” even though no child is in sight. I took hundreds of photos at last Friday morning’s Blockhouse Pond walk about, run about, eat-a-boiled-dog, race-a-mile annual picnic and field day for the Sussex Consortium and staff. A great program, all about individualization and inclusion along with unified programs of regular-ed kids mixed in with special needs students, but no one is riding a hobby horse backward.  Everyone seems proud and happy just to be out and about. I had two grandsons walk around the pond, Will and Davey.  We said hello and I snapped photos and may place theirs online only because I don’t need a confidentiality waiver.

Snippets - I was think of buying the MLB package, which is only a good idea if you plan to immobilize yourself for hours every day, don’t like reading, and have seen all the reruns of "Law and Order" and "The Mentalist." The Phillies are five back in late April and don’t look promising; I like Kansas City, 10-7 leading the American Central - bunch of no-name young players; I can get behind them. I have two words for Ryan Howard: “Swing batter!” And swing hard just in case you might hit it.

Cape softball is a good team yet off to a 1-4 start. This is the week to put together a streak. Three straight gets you to even. Play ball!

Go on now, git!

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