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Technogoober last month celebrated opening of its office near Lewes. The company offers website design and hosting services, custom programming, search engine optimization, mobile site design, networking and other computer-related services. Shown in back are (l-r) Chad Lane, Techno Goober; Ted Becker, Lewes City Council member; and Victor Letonoff, Lewes City Council member. In front are Nikky Fisher, Lewes Chamber of Commerce board member; Nate Bradshaw, Frank Payton, and Bobbi Engel, Techno Goober; Bonnie Osler and Fred Beaufait, Lewes City Council members; and Betsy Reamer, executive director, Lewes Chamber of Commerce. BY HENRY J. EVANS JR.
April 26, 2013

Techno Goober. It’s a company name evoking images of people wearing pocket protectors, coffee-stained T-shirts and thick eyeglasses held together at the nose bridge with adhesive tape.

It’s a picture that isn’t too different from the one company owner Frank Payton thinks some customers have about computer techs.

“Techno Goober is your home for Delaware web design, and we’re also your local technology experts,” Payton said about the business he opened in November.

Among the company’s services are website hosting, website design, custom programming, search engine optimization, mobile site design and networking.

The company also helps clients create printed marketing materials, logos, business cards and other graphic products.

About the name

Payton said when he looked for an internet domain name, he found the names geek and techie had been taken.

“I knew I’d heard the name Goober before, and there was no one competing for Technogoober or Goober websites,” he said.

Payton said he later learned there had been a TV character named Goober Pyle, not to be confused with his cousin Gomer Pyle. “Goober fixed all the cars in Mayberry. We fix computers and fix websites. We’re the Goobers of a new generation,” Payton said.

He said Techno Goober makes people laugh and relax. “It’s an icebreaker that gets people talking about something, as opposed to getting right into the business,” he said.

The team

The company’s five full-time employees work as a team, sometimes assisted by part-time employees and outside contractors.

Chris Gosling, aka Goose, is a website and front-end developer. “I make them look the way they look, make them attractive,” he said about web design.

Payton met Gosling when working on a project before Techno Goober opened.

“I knew that if he were to come on board we would be successful,” Payton said.

Nathan Bradshaw is a web developer-programmer. “I’m mainly in charge of how the site functions, how everything links together,” Bradshaw said.

“Nate, he just appeared one day, and he hasn’t left yet,” Payton said, sparking team laughter.

“We’re always looking for talent, and sometimes it’s hard to find in this area. Through networking, someone highly recommended Nate,” Payton said, adding, “He’s a quick learner with a good attitude and strong skills.”

Chad Lane, aka Anonymous, is server administrator and computer technical support. He monitors server vulnerability and quickly makes fixes to protect systems and keep them working.

Payton met Lane when they worked as information technologists on a high-level M&T Bank project.

“He has technology skills that are hard to find in this area,” Payton said.

Techno Goober’s clients

The company serves a variety of clients in several industries.

“We just launched AAA Storage, which is right around the corner,” Payton said. Other clients he cited are All Aboard Dog Grooming and Kennels in Dagsboro; Beach Babies Child Care’s website and technology needs; Delta Waterfowl Delaware Bay, a nonprofit group; Phillips Signs; J&J Power Washing; and a few banks.

“We’re all over the place,” Payton said.

Project costs are based on the time it takes to produce what a customer wants, Payton said.

“The more hours we spend on a project, the better it’s going to come through. Some people can’t afford that better quality, but they want a website. We can give them a decent website, but you get what you pay for,” he said.

The company charges $85 an hour; the rate is reduced for nonprofit organizations.

“Right now we do sites starting at $750 up to $10,000, but it could go higher depending on the scope of the work,” Payton said.

He said clients sometimes say they only have three pages of material, and they think that means a project would require less work.

“It still takes the same amount of time to develop the artwork and content management system, train you, and give you all of the assets you’ll need to be successful online.

“One of the things we incorporate into all of our work is project management. Understanding the scope of the work and what needs to be accomplished, we figure out how many hours we’ll need to spend on each phase,” Payton said. He said clients own everything Technogoober produces for them.

“We train them on how to update their website. We feel that putting that responsibility on the client makes them more successful because they know more about their business than we do,” Payton said.

The company hosts websites through a reputable hosting company.

“We purchase our servers from people who are in that business, but we’re responsible for the servers,” he said.

The company’s system is well protected from digital villainy, Payton said, and is equipped to provide superb data backup.

“We’re alerted to even the smallest malware that might try to intrude our systems. We’ve had to react very quickly a couple times, and clients didn’t even notice,” Payton said.

Techno Goober’s office is at 17527 Nassau Commons Blvd. Suite 213, near Five Points. For additional information, call 302-645-7177, or go to