Dennis Reardon's leadership will inspire Lewes

April 26, 2013

The town of Lewes has the extraordinary opportunity next month to elect Dennis Reardon for one of the two openings on the Lewes City Council.

What makes Dennis so capable is his unique blend of history, experience and level-headed determination.

Dennis has been part of Lewes since the 1970's and a full time resident since 2006. During these past 40 years he has witnessed and experienced the changes that have occurred in Lewes and stands ready to guide us forward for the duration of his term. He has no hesitation to get involved and uses his involvement to make well-informed, fair decisions.

His professional experience has centered around his 22 year career for the state of Delaware, during which time he served as a Deputy Attorney General and culminated with his role as Administrator of the Masters Unit in which he supervised attorneys who presided over civil matters and criminal trials. His career has been defined by his open style of leadership which inspires people to "get involved". This fairness, open-mindedness and lack of ties to any commercial establishments makes him the clear choice for this City Council position.

He will guide, lead and instruct the town of Lewes in the right direction this year and into the future.

I urge all eligible voters to cast their ballots on May 11 to give Lewes the strength and direction we need. Vote for Dennis Reardon.

M. Alan Bagden


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