Ernie Lopez is a man of his word

April 26, 2013

In his election campaign, Sen. Ernie Lopez promised: "To always place public interests above any special or private interest." Ernie is a man of his word. In his recent vote for House Bill 35, which requires background checks for private gun sales, Ernie made a courageous decision to help protect the public by adding another impediment to criminals attempting to buy guns, while not preventing law-abiding citizens from such purchases. It was a reasonable and responsible vote. It was a vote for common sense and common good. How can anyone argue against background checks to protect us all?

It was not an easy vote. The NRA, of which Ernie is a member, opposes virtually all legislation regulating gun sales. It is a very powerful lobby. Ernie's own party and caucus did not support his position. Ernie resisted the pressure and voted for us all. As a former Republican legislator in the Delaware House of Representatives, I know how difficult it is to stand against that kind of pressure. Ernie will take a lot of criticism; but, hopefully, standing up for what's right and on principle still matters.

Thank you Ernie for looking out for our interests instead of special interests.

Bill Poulterer

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