A New Home in 60 Days?  Yikes!

Your home built fast- and piled up on the yard. BY SCOTT DAILEY
April 24, 2013

There are some builders in the Delaware beach area who are proud of the fact that they are able to build a new home in 60 days.
At Capstone Homes, we are proud that we cannot. The market for Delaware new homes is dominated by a small number of builders who build a large number of homes.  Capstone Homes is proud to have climbed into the ranks of these larger builders in the last few years.
Large builders have a production system that puts an emphasis on standardization and speed. Standardization and speed sound a lot like mass production and not so much like home building.

At Capstone homes, we don't build new homes in 60 days for a number of reasons.  Those reasons begin with our approach to building a new Delaware home. First, we allow for each buyer to customize a new Capstone Home. When we say customize, we aren't simply talking about the list of options that a purchaser can select; we mean that we allow for custom tweaks to our floorplans so that your new Delaware home fits for you.  We rarely build the same house twice, but we usually start with out "stock" floorplans. Our homes are not designed for "standardization and speed"- our homes are designed to be enjoyed for years to come.  Our homes are designed to suit your lifestyle.

We live in a world today where I can walk into a coffee shop and instruct the barista to customize my coffee to my exact specifications. This is a $3-$4 dollar item that many people buy every day.

At Capstone Homes, we don't understand how the same principles can't be applied to a new home. You shouldn't have unlimited custom options on your $4 coffee and limited options on your $400,000 dollar house.  That's insane, but that's also how it's done in our industry by builders who place a premium on "standardization and speed".

That's not what we do at Capstone. We emphasize quality and value. We emphasize making sure we deliver the new home people want to own.

Our approach means that we don't build your new home with panels. One major way to expedite the building process is to have the wall sections built in panels in a factory.  These panels are then shipped to the site, and assembled by the framing crew. This allows the house to be framed much more quickly than a "site built" house.

It also means that your house needs to be built with a sledge hammmer.  That's right- it is inevitable that one of the factory built panels won't exactly line up with the site built foundation.  When the walls won't fit, then the walls are made to fit. This is where the sledge hammer comes in handy.  Your new home just gets pounded together until it "works".

At Capstone, your house is uniquely yours, and we frame it on site. This is a slower process, but we think the quality is there.  At Capstone, we think taking 30 more days to build something that you will enjoy for decades is wise.

We aren't the fastest production builder... Do you want to live in the fastest built production home?