Fitness Friday:  Tone it up at home

Chocolate is the only way to kick off the weekend and this simple microwave brownie will appease your cravings. SOURCE IMAGES
April 27, 2013

Happy Friday!

Working a lot lately?

Can't make it to the gym?

Then tone it up at home with quick and easy workouts.

I don't know about you, but some weeks it is nearly impossible to make it to the gym to do that great one hour workout. This week is one of those weeks for me. Summer is right around the corner and I am dreading wearing those cute short skirts and dresses. But, there is hope.

If you haven't checked out the blog, "I Don't Go to the Gym," you need to head over there for some great workout ideas and recipes.

This is my new favorite - the do-it-at-home and get ready for summer bum workout.

And your two-minute workout starts now:

Start with 25 backwards leg lifts on each leg (as high as you can go) - grab a chair for balance (or your kitchen counter as you wait for dinner to finish).

25 squats (go down as far as you can so you work your butt, not just your legs)

10 lunges on each leg (this is the money-maker)

25 butt blasters on each leg (get down on all fours, raise one leg and kick your heel up to the sky) Try this one with your kids - they will have so much fun with it!

And that's it. Try to do it several times a week to get ready for the season. It's easy and anyone can do it from home. Once you are done, finish getting dinner ready. Feel proud of yourself for getting in a quick workout on an otherwise crazy and stressful day!

Then enjoy this delicious dessert to kick off the weekend in style.


Quick and delicious microwave chocolate goodness:


1 cup sugar

1/2 cup butter

2 eggs

1 teaspoon vanilla

1/2 cup flour

1/2 cup cocoa



1. Cream sugar and butter together.

2. Add eggs and vanilla, mix well.

3. Stir flour and cocoa together, then add into egg mixture.

4. Mix well.

5. Grease a GLASS pie pan and then coat with sugar.

6. Pour brownie mixture into sugared pie pan.

7. Microwave 4&1/2- 5 minutes.

8. Let sit until cool.


Read more at:


Enjoy your weekend!




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