Many reasons to deny Love Creek RV City

May 12, 2013

As a resident of Lewes and the Retreat at Love Creek, I am writing to express my opposition to the proposed RV City.  As has already been stated, the use of this land for this purpose will primarily benefit only the elite few, while the vast majority of homeowners and others who vacation in this area will experience a decline in lifestyle and lessen the attraction to visit and patronize local businesses.

Were I planning a trip to this area, I would need to factor in the extra amount of time it will take to travel here due to numerous large RVs plodding elephant-like down Rout e1 and Route 24 and then weaving their way around the narrow, winding local roads that lack shoulders, making it dangerous and impossible to pass them. Were I visiting the towns of Lewes and Rehoboth Beach, I would have to compete with these large vehicles, which, in all probability will not fit in any normal-sized parking spaces.

Presumably, they would just give up after doing what they do best - clog the roads, especially on the weekends - and plod back to RV City - generating no income for the local shops and restaurants and no tourist revenue to speak of except perhaps at the outlet malls where there are elephant-sized parking spaces.

But wait, this is actually a good thing for RV City. A booming business is anticipated for the RV City tiki bar and presumed price-inflated food amenities the RV City planners have in mind for their captive, mosquito-plagued guests. (Surely there is a plan for mosquito control - possibly the use of chemicals that would then make their way into Love Creek and surrounding environmentally sensitive areas?) Ah yes, the tiki bar - liquor consumption followed by a dip or kayak excursion into Love Creek. Will firearms be permitted? If this passes, I suggest that there be a requirement for substantial monies to be set aside by RV City to compensate the police and rescue squad, who may or may not be able to get there on time when incidents occur, due to the large, plodding RVs clogging up the roads where, remember, there are no shoulders to pull over on or use to pass.

The good news - if approved, RV City will not operate year round. During this time, local residents and visitors who do contribute to the overall local economy will have a brief respite from the plodding, elephantine RVs and the numerous trucks that will be needed to haul out trash and empty/change the porta-potties on a continuous basis. During the off-season, without leaves on whatever trees are left after they strip and pave the land for parking spaces and campsites, we will be "treated" to the sight of the devastation of environmentally sensitive areas of Love Creek.  Give me a housing development any day.

I welcome new neighbors and homeowners who pay real estate taxes and actually care about this area. Jobs are created when developments are built and afterwards, not just the few part-time, low income jobs that would come to RV City. Homeowners and those who visit and stay at hotels, rent houses and patronize businesses and restaurants benefit our local economy. RV City primarily benefits only the local elite who are proposing this and who, I suspect, do not live nearby. Dear council, please vote no to RV City.

Marion Gentul

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