Sports Scene: The Good, the Bad and the Annoying

May 14, 2013

The Good, Bad and Annoying - Four young Atlantic Lacrosse girls were part of the Cape-Tower Hill game Friday night, warming up with the team, being introduced, sitting on the bench and “getting the goalie” when it was over. Shown behind goggles are (l-r) Emily Monigle, Carrie Clausius, Lindsay D'Ambrogi and Haley Craig. It was as cute as it was frightening, as first-grade cage fighters carrying sticks are circling the Cape program waiting for their opening to drop in. The next day I went out to watch the Atlantic U15 girls play Talbot County because my 13-year-old granddaughter Katie is on the team and my son Dave is the coach, so sue me. I brought my camera because it’s paid for. The officials were “game interrupted” insane, parents were whiny and authoritative, “How is that not a foul?” and the game was low scoring and very physical, ending in a 5-5 tie after two scoreless overtime periods. Katie Klabe got whacked on the head and simply waited for a whistle, which never came; they only come when you least expect them. A Talbot father actually addressed an Atlantic mother sitting in a beach chair after the game. “Did you say something to my daughter?” The guy then wisely walked away. The woman turned to me and said, “I did say something; the kid was obnoxious.” Katie was with me and said, “Oh my gosh! Can we can go to Wawa like right now?”

Rubberized running - I watched a couple, the guy in front the woman directly behind, mirroring his every move doing a perplexing endurance and agility workout at Club Fitness, and I thought, “Can’t you go outside and do that in the fresh air, or is it necessary for the rest of us to watch and wonder?” I seemed to be the only one intrigued and latently annoyed by it all, and you're right, I couldn’t do it myself and I don’t play with abandoned knobby truck tires either although I’m working on a Navy Walrus workout plan. Look, let’s face it; all people are pretty much part time insane.

Athletic atheist - A professional athlete coming out and admitting he's gay got no play because as a society most well-adjusted people just don’t care. I know I don’t, and if I did I would say so, but I don’t. The issue belongs in the 1950s when Grand Mom Rose was in the closet for three days because she got lost in a pile of clothes. But come out as “no god” guy while athletes are pointing to the sky after home runs and base hits and made 3-point shots, and you are done. The booing will never stop because there is no home for heathens on high definition. I saw a track athlete from the Big 12 conference in an interview say, “I’d first like to give glory to God, who makes all things possible.” A reporter who majored in comparative religions could boldly ask a follow-up question "There are a limitless number of gods across the pantheon of spirits who inhabit the universe; which one are you celebrating? And if all things are possible losing to a heathen hurdler is also possible, isn’t it?” I went 12 years to Catholic school and got a steady dose of catechisms and classes in religion. The discussions are fun, but too many scary people pointing to the sky. Grand Mom Rose: “Blind Faith is nothing but a super group. Eric Clapton and Stevie Winwood on lead guitar with Ginger Baker on drums. Glory be, I love that music!”

Snippets - Tiger Woods is so unlikeable, add in new girlfriend skier Lindsey Vonn - try to take her photo on a mountain of white snow - it’s even worse - but the man can play golf. I believe the more he’s the bad guy the better he plays while his adversaries start lofting tee shots into ponds.

Lots of college men’s lacrosse on ESPNU and all the announcers talk about is “the game is exploding,” but 2,500 is a big crowd, so why play in a stadium lined for football that holds 60,000?

NBA playoffs showcase the biggest, strongest, most athletic players in sports, all of them in the early stages of arthritis because of too many games on hardwood, and that sport just beats you up. By the way, where’s Dr. J; shouldn’t he be on some panel of analysts? Erving was on the Board of Governors of Converse before the Shoe Giant not to be confused with Big Shoe dance went bankrupt in 2001. They just couldn’t answer the question, “Who is Chuck Taylor anyway?” Go on now, git!

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