Matters more pressing than same-sex marriage

May 20, 2013

In the issue of same sex marriage, I want to bring up some points that I don't believe have been touched upon in the debate. While the vote did result in a victory, I am concerned about the manner in which our State Senators came to base their decision to vote "no".

The outcry that a vote for same sex marriage would "destroy" traditional marriage has its roots in our Christian beliefs. God decreed marriage to be between a man and a woman. However, I believe much like our society picks and chooses Biblical verse to follow; we pick and choose times to invoke God into matters of State delegation. That the state of Delaware would allow gay marriage does not diminish or affect the Church.

After all, if we are as American as we claim to be, we must allow for the separation of church and state. This new law does not and will not force churches to recognize same sex marriage. Proponents of marriage equality wish for the same rights and benefits afforded by others regarding the STATE. Traditional marriage will not leave the church unless the institution chooses to do so. Holy matrimony will remain as it is.

For those who believe we have always been a state and nation whose government makes decisions based on Biblical principles, that is a potentially dangerous and misleading thought process. The Bible speaks of many laws and rules we no longer follow as societies.

Also, our history has been littered with the dark clouds of mistakes based on societal norms and thinking of the day. Ask the Native Americans if our government acted in a Christian manner as they sit on reservations, their entire culture and history reduced to a fraction of a life.

I also believe that districts were not represented in the interests of the majority of its constituents. To make matters worse, some Senators seem to forget that their own lives and family history bear the weight of discrimination. Basing decisions on phrases like "all I've ever known" is what kept equality for minorities from happening for far too long, including the idea of being elected as a minority in Sussex County. Thankfully, as time has progressed, so have the ideals of the people.

Think long and hard about the things we value in our society that are not of a Christian nature. Our state and nation are radically different with the freedoms we enjoy than a Christian nation would be.

In conclusion, with situations like the rapid increase of sexual assaults happening within our armed forces, home invasions and kidnappings on the rise, I think that there are more pressing matters to try and resolve than focusing on whether two loving, non-related, consenting adults are considered married by a state governing body and how that will break down society.

Violent crime concerns me more than this ever could.

Keith White

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